Monday, December 13, 2010

Nose Pictures

That's pretty good...for a girl...

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Activist (activism)
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Identity Essentials - Male/Female Genders

08/27/10 Reading Summary

Composition is an organization of ideas/parts that equal a whole. 

This applies to all kinds of art, not just the visual aspects. To create a composition an artist must utilize certain elements. Such as: point, line, space, shape, texture, color/hue, and also principles, such as: rhythm, balance, harmony, emphasis, unity, and scale. Gestalt theory is explained as having four basic parts; all playing a role in the way our brain organizes and analyzes works of art.


Clay Character Model and Critique

My character was named Krusty the Kross-Joint. I really wanted to get the shape and twisting forms of rolled joints in a cross shape. When adding his face, such as his eyes and 5 o'clock shadow, I wanted him to convey a kind of laid back feeling. Yet I also wanted to capture a sense of eagerness as well. He turned out ok, minor cracking aside.  

Hybrid Symbol and Stencils

Stencils and cardboard with them sprayed on. The photo that was used included my nose and three different bell pepper photos. The shadows and darker areas were colored in black and joined to make it one whole symbol. Cut out with exacto then sprayed over a red t-shirt in black and on cardboard in white.

Hybrid Mash-ups!

These are my five best photo mash-ups that I had chosen to complete my symbol. The one closest to the bottom will most likely get used because of the way the pepper matches with my nose.